News - Shuangxi Activity Center use clean energy to build disaster prevention backup power for telecom base station

Shuangxi District of New Taipei City is located in a mountainous environment. In the past, natural disasters such as strong typhoon often faced power system damage. In order to strengthen the emergency power and disaster intensity of the local mobile communication base station, the Shuangxi District Office applied for subsidies to set up fuel cells as emergency backup power system. Toplus Energy fuel cell backup power system can provide at least 74 hours of power supply in case of emergency, and can be used and maintained in the future during emergency disaster relief. The Taiwan Economic and Technological Commission held a hydrogen fuel cell backup power activation ceremony at the Shuangxi District Citizens Activity Center in New Taipei City on 2017/10/26. The NCC, the New Taipei City Government Economic Development Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Shuangxi District Office and other industry executives participated in the event.

Commercial Times