Hydrogen Purify and Recovery System


We provide a reliable hydrogen recovery solution that delivers long term value. We achieve this through exceptional product design, and our system can be operated at low temperature and normal pressure, which is unmatched in our industry.

Toplus Energy develop a system to purify polluted hydrogen and recovery it, reducing waste of hydrogen and increasing its cycle life. It’s designed primarily for hydrogen carrier gas use, applied to metal heat treatment, gas chromatography (GC), analytical instrument carrier gas, GaN epitaxy, III/V and II/VI MOCVD.

It offers a safe, reliable and convenient solution for those using hydrogen for carrier gas, producing the high purity of hydrogen by utilizing a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to create the hydrogen gas, as well as Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA).







H2 Flow Rate 10-100 Nm^3/hr
H2 Purity 99.9995% 99.95%
Pressure of H2 < 0.2 kg/cm^2
H2O H2O < 1 ppm
O2 O2 < 1 ppm
N2 N2 < 1.1 ppm N2 < 220 ppm






Consumption Energy 1 kWH/m^3 0.5 kWH/m^3
Volt 220 VAC
Freq. 50/60 Hz



Gas Requirement

NH3 < 0.5 ppm

CO < 1 ppm 

H2S < 1 ppb

Pressure of H2 > 30%

R. O. Water 0.4 L/min



Phase, Volt, Freq.

3 Phase 5 wire , 380V (60Hz) &

1 Phase 2 wire, 220V (60Hz)

Current Rating

55A [Max. 85A] (60 Hz) &

5A [Max. 15A] (60 Hz)



Purifier 1,200 kg
Compressor 3,000 kg


(L X W X H)

Purifier 1.7m X 1.6m X 1.95m
Compressor 2.7m X 1.75m X 1.95m
Surrounding indoor
Operating Temperature 55~65 ºC
Separation Method Electrochemical
H2 Yield (Peak / Typical) 90% / 80%



Pure H2

Output Pressure[Absolute]



1.4 Mpa / 1/2" VCR

Exhaust Pressure[Absolute]



1 Mpa / 2" flange



Mix gas

Input Pressure[Absolute]



0.100 Mpa / 2" flange

Output Pressure[Absolute]



0.100 Mpa / 2" flange



Purifier 1/4" Swagelok
Compressor 1/4" Swagelok



Purifier 1" Union
Compressor 1" Union





Input Connection 1" Union


Pressure [Gauge]

Supply: Max. 0.4 MPa;

Differential Press. : Min. 0.15 MPa

Flow rate / Temperature 1,000 L/day / Max. 30ºC
Spec. Resistivity Min. 1 MΩ・cm at 25ºC




Input / Ouput Connection 1" Union
Pressure [Gauge]

Supply: Max. 0.4 MPa;

Differential Press. : Min. 0.15 MPa

Flow rate / Temperature 54,000 L/day / Max. 30ºC


Principle of electrochemical hydrogen purification


Hydrogen Purify and Recovery System structure 3D diagram


Hydrogen Purify and Recovery System schematic diagram


Hydrogen Performance & SGS Certification




Lower cost

Lower cost than Palladium membrane and PSA method.

High Purity

99.9995% purity for hydrogen, every impurity is removed and only hydrogen ions pass through to the pure side.

Long Lifetime

Lifetime is more than 40,000 hours.

Customized Service

Different modules according to customer.

Practical Design

Water-cooled fuel cell is more suitable for application, short and easy start-up and shutdown procedures.

High Reliability

PEM technology to generate hydrogen safely and reliably. Toplus Energy R&D team design, manufacture and cooperate with domestic components.

Patent Application

Passed many patent applications on a national and international.

Made In Taiwan

We designed, produced and manufactured the stacks, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Normal Pressure Operation

The whole process of normal pressure operation, no need to consider the problem of high pressure operation.