Made In Taiwan, patent certification, zero-emission with low noise to maintain environment, perfect integration system





Fuel Cell Stack

Stack is our core technology product, which is a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), and the water-cooled design is more suitable for application. The stack also can be customized with different module according to customer needs.


Fuel Cell Power System

Integrate our core technology to fuel cell power system. The diesel generator is replaced in backup power system due to low maintenance cost, high stability and long running time.


Methanol Hydrogen Generator

The Product is jointly developed by Toplus Energy and Green Hydrotec TEC, it can be used with our fuel cell power system to replace traditional high-pressure hydrogen tank. It also can save costs, increasing safety and extending operation time, which is more suitable for practical application.





Fuel Cell Stack

Hydrogen ions pass through the proton exchange membrane, and the anode generates electrons pass through the load to cathode. It’s a safe, pollution-free and low-carbon energy.


Fuel Cell Power System

Traditional backup power system


Lead-acid batteries have short life, short power supply time and pollution. Diesel generator has a short power supply time, low reliability, high maintenance cost, pollution and high noise.

Fuel Cell backup power system


Fuel cell has long power supply time, high reliability, low maintenance cost, low emission pollution and low noise.

Methanol Hydrogen Generator

Methanol is reformed to mixed gases contains hydrogen and carbon dioxide by dedicated catalyst. 

CH₃OH + H₂O + Heat → CO₂ + 3H₂

The mixed gases is separated by Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to extract pure hydrogen, and supply to fuel cell power system.

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA):Separating the mixed gases to extract pure hydrogen.