Fuel Cell Power System


Integrate our core technology to fuel cell power system. The diesel generator is replaced in backup power system due to low maintenance cost, high stability and long running time.


Model SB015K110N SB006K048N SB005K048N SB002K048N
Rated Power 15kW 6kW 5kW 2kW
Rated Voltage 110 Vdc 48 Vdc 48 Vdc 48 Vdc
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 2,100*1,100*2,100(IP23) 1,050*1,550(IP23) / 860*710*1,450(IP20)
Weight, kg Approx. 600 (IP23) Approx. 350 (IP23) / 280 (IP20)
Cooling Water Cool
Hydrogen Requirement Purity: > 99.95 % , Pressure:0.2~0.3 MPa
Hydrogen Consumption 850 L / kWh (@ Rated Power)
Efficiency 43 % (@ Rated Power)
Altitude <1,000m
Ambient Temperature -20~40℃ (Antifreezer is required for ambient below 0℃)
Certificate ASME PTC 50 / IEC 62282-3-100 / IEC 62282-3-201

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Made In Taiwan


Localization of key components and quality assurance. We designed, produced and manufactured the stacks, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Remote Monitoring


Support PC and mobile APP to remotely real-time monitoring system operating status:

Voltage, current, temperature, hydrogen pressure and methanol water content.

Mobile APP Monitoring


Mobile phone APP instant notification function when the system is abnormal.

Passed the "Intermediate Safety Certification"



Qualification test certification



Low Cost

Operation and maintenance costs are lower batteries or diesel generators.

Customized service

Stacks with different modules according to customer.

TAF Test Certification

The first product in Taiwan passed the certification of qualified products by ITRI and Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center LAB.

High Reliability

The equipment runs stably and has long power supply time.

Simple Software Operation

The software operation interface is friendly and easy to learn.

Maintain Environment

No pollution, low carbon emission and low noise, add extra points for corporate image.



Fuel Cell Power System

Fuel Cell Power System Catalog

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Fuel Cell Power System Operation Manual

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