Since June 2008, we keep fulfilling our vision and call through innovative research and development.
Fundamental Technology:
1.Energy Projects from Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2.Technology Transfer from Energy and Environment Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute.
Newly Developed Technology: 
1. Key parts integration and development.
2. Fuel cell mass producing technique design and development.
3. Professional consulting by electricians.

C. J. Pai James Chew Pei Shi
Chairman and CEO Director Director
Chairman of Unelectra International Corp.
Chairman of Ingenious Engineering Corp. Professional Electrical Engineer
Chairman of Fortune Venture Investment Group
Chairman of Toplus Energy Corp. Director of Center of Measurement Standards,
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chairman of E&C Engineering Corporation
Chairman of Advanced Control & Systems Inc.

Perfect in development, manufacturing, application integration and service of fuel cell profession.  
(1).Innovative Progress
(2).Excellent Quality

(3).Continuous Cost-down

(4).Quality Customer Service